2017 SearchCon Schedule

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*This schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, April 27 Friday, April 28
8:00 AM Breakfast Buffet 8:00 AM Breakfast Buffet
8:50 AM Opening Remarks with Jim Kreinbrink 9:00 AM Cindy Krum: What Mobile-First Indexing Means to You
9:00 AM Heather Lutze: What The Heck Is This SEO Report: How Agencies can close more sales, retain clients and save them before they leave. 9:45 AM Break
9:45 AM Break 10:00 AM Laurie Macomber: Search Tools – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
10:00 AM Jonathan Sackheim: From Zero to Hero: Advanced PPC and Social Media Advertising Tips 10:30 AM Nick Neels: Local Search Prospecting: How to Leverage Data and Hit the ROI Mother Lode
10:30 AM Richard Allen: As an agency, we eat our own dogfood. It’s good, too. 11:00 AM Vladimir Shlyahovoy: User Engagement As Ranking Signal
11:00 AM Greg Ahern, Keith Hagen, and Todd Barrs: Conversion Rate Optimization 11:30 AM Break | Enjoy Breckenridge!
12:00 PM Break | Enjoy Breckenridge! 4:00 PM Networking | Cash Bar
Live Site Audits with Greg Ahern (During the Break) 5:00 PM Dinner
4:00 PM Networking | Cash Bar 5:40 PM Tracy Malone
5:00 PM Dinner 5:50 PM Dave Carlson
5:30 PM Christina Griggs, Chuck Aikens and Jack Jostes: Agency Success Panel 6:00 PM Sean Bucher: Optimizing for the Travel Industry – OTAs and Beyond
6:30 PM Matt Lacuesta: OK, SEOs: Are you optimized for voice search? 6:30 PM BJ Enoch: ROI Attribution from SEO and Client Stickiness; Beyond Goal Tracking
7:00 PM Break 7:00 PM Break
7:15 PM Rick Ramos: Developing Information Architecture and Organizing Content 7:15 PM Monica Valdez: Getting From Data to Decision
7:45 PM Cade Lee, Garrett Acott, Jim Kreinbrink, and David Oppenheim: Black Hat / White Hat Panel 7:45 PM Steve Riegel: People Based Marketing – Are You Experienced?
8:45 PM Networking | Cash Bar 8:15 PM Closing Remarks with Jim Kreinbrink
8:30 PM Networking | Cash Bar