SE Oh No!

Marcus grew up in England. Fortunately, most people don’t hold that against him.

He has always worked in technology. A geek at heart, you can still find (you have to look very hard) online copies of articles on Z80 machine code programming or books on the Clipper database.

Marcus built his first website in 1994. He was already pretty old at that point (he’s ancient now, but still going). He built lots more websites over the next few years (all pretty bad) before realizing that he also needed to promote websites. So, around 1998 he learned everything he could about SEO. He’s not that bright and is still learning.

Why is Marcus still building and marketing websites? Who knows? Marcus often questions his sanity. Sometimes, it replies.

In December 2004, after hearing that most accidents happen at home, Marcus sold his house and moved from England, ending up in Colorado. In November 2008 Marcus founded Denver Web Success – a small agency dedicated to helping local companies grow their online presence and generate business.

April 11, 2019

5:55 pm – 6:15 pm

Talk Session
Main Track

Imperial Ballroom