Marcus Jeffery


Denver Web Success

Marcus Jeffery is the founder and owner of Denver Web Success. His computing career spans over 37 years. Following his BSc in Computer Studies at the University of East Anglia, England, he has worked in a number of computer-related fields. After university he spent a couple of years as a programmer for Logica, a large world-wide software company. Following this, Marcus worked as a computer journalist and editor for a number of UK computer magazines, and wrote a book called “Getting the Best from Clipper” (Sigma Press, 1991). He then spent a decade as owner of Target Systems Ltd, which specialized in helping companies manage their computer networks. In 2000, he was approached by Pythagoras Communications Ltd to sell and promote the SalesLogix Customer Relationship Management system, which he did extremely successfully for four years before leaving to live in the USA.

Marcus built his first website back in 1994. Along with other jobs, he has worked on websites ever since this time. Through Denver Web Success, he now helps local companies be successful online, rather than simply producing pretty but ineffective websites. This includes guiding clients through the complexities of search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing, social media, conversion analytics, search engine monitoring, and much more.