Sam Bedford

Samantha Bedford

Founder & CEO

Pico Digital

Samantha Bedford helps businesses improve their digital engagement programs to ensure positive results, whether it’s conversion metrics like customer acquisition costs and return on adspend or branding.

As the Founder & CEO at Pico Digital Marketing, she oversees all company services, as well as training and career development. Sam collaborates with the team to ensure strategies and processes are aligned and cutting edge. To this day she continues to be hands on – right down to developing keyword strategies and various optimization techniques. Due to her 20+ years in the digital space, Sam is very familiar with what it takes to run a successful digital campaign. From the good old days of bidding $0.01 higher than competitors to the scientific formulation it takes today, she’s seen it all. For Sam, helping others achieve digital brand dominance is the most rewarding part of the role, along with results and Pico’s 97% client retention rate.

Outside of the office, Sam enjoys spending time with her family and naughty dog Chase.

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