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Kent Lewis, Anvil Media

Leveraging Customer Data

Kent Lewis is President & Founder of Anvil Media, Inc. He is Adjunct Professor at Portland State. And he is Founder, Co-Founder and Past President, SEMpdx. We recently asked Kent to share with us what he believes will help businesses succeed in SEO and digital marketing in 2018.

SearchCon: What do you see as the most important strategy to understand and focus on in the realm of SEO and digital marketing in 2018?
Kent Lewis: Leveraging customer data (email, CRM, marketing automation databases) to inform content, SEO and other digital strategies.

SC: What are some ways that SEOs and marketers can succeed at optimizing customer data for knowledge graph search results?
KL: Marketers should maximize knowledge and capabilities of existing and future marketing platforms. They can create compelling content that answers questions that trigger knowledge graph results for voice search and position zero.

SC: What is one thing people will learn about during your talk at SearchCon 2018 for optimizing knowledge graph results?
KL: At SearchCon, attendees will learn how to optimize existing and future content for position zero and voice search results.