Making Friends With Facebook Advertising: How to Rock Your ROI

Jonathan Sackheim is an online advertising pro and Founder of Grounds for Promotion. We recently asked Jonathan to share with us what he believes will help businesses succeed in SEO and digital marketing in 2018.

SearchCon: What do you see as the most important strategy to understand and focus on in the realm of SEO and digital marketing in 2018?
Jonathan Sackheim: How digital advertising can compliment SEO to drive leads and sales.

SC: What are some ways that SEOs and marketers can succeed with digital advertising?
JS: Coordinate SEO with digital advertising to help make sure data acquired through SEO efforts such as email addresses and mobile numbers can improve your ad targeting. Furthermore, learnings from SEO such as which content performs best organically can provide assistance for ad optimization, and vice versa.

SC: What is one thing people will learn about during your talk at SearchCon 2018?
JS: Amazing ways to wring the most leads and sales out of Facebook advertising, and how to leverage your SEO work can help.