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Rick Ramos

Turning Things into Query Strings: Structured Data and SEO

Rick Ramos is a Technical SEO Manager at Seer Interactive. We recently asked Rick to share with us what he believes will help businesses succeed in SEO and digital marketing in 2018.

SearchCon: What do you see as the most important strategy to understand and focus on in the realm of SEO and digital marketing in 2018?
Rick Ramos: Search Engine Result Presentation

SC: What are some ways that SEOs and marketers can succeed at optimizing search results?
RR: Prepare your content for queries on devices with and without screens. Let your content answer user questions quickly, clearly, and use lists and tables to express supporting ideas and data. Lastly, make structured data strategy part of your strategic on-page foundation.

SC: What is one thing people will learn about during your talk at SearchCon 2018?
RR: How much I love structured data.